With the launch of HUGO Pro around November 2023, we will be giving away a free limited edition 500ml Chilly’s Water Bottle.

To sign up for or to register for updates on HUGO Pro, please email us at

What Hugo Pro offers:

  1. Detailed data analysis on all iPad screen and desktop devices;
  2. Link your EV vehicle data
  3. Link your solar import and export data;
  4. Link your cooling (HVAC) and heating devices (i.e. HIVE)
  5. Link Battery Storage data
  6. Excel data analysis
  7. Compare periods
  8. Input any tariff (3,4 or 5 rate)
  9. Add Multiple Properties
  10. Control smart appliances like EVs and Thermostats from Hugo Pro
  11. Analyse weather data against energy data;
  12. Review average electricity and gas profile data for any period;
Hugo Pro - Limited Edition Chilly's Bottle