The price cap drops at the end of the month by 7%!


The new regional average price-capped rates will be (excluding VAT and if paid by DD):


1 July to 30 Sept ‘24 p/kWh Standing Charge
Gas 5.2p 29.84p per day
Electricity 20.51p 57.11p per day



Based on our recent work and the data we’ve obtained from people using our Home AI tool in Hugo Pro, we’ve realised that the most important thing about energy tariffs is finding the most suitable (therefore the cheapest) tariff for your lifestyle!

That is why we will launch Tariff AI (see our Tariff AI blog HERE and below for further Hugo Pro updates) in late July to ensure you’re on the best tariff for your home.

Winter Cashback Final Call


The deadline for receiving payments will be 31st August 2024.

97% of participants have been paid out. The remaining 3% of you must submit your PayPal payment email into the Hugo App to get paid. Go to:

Settings (Top Right) > Email > Enter a valid PayPal email twice into the PayPal email boxes.

Please note that you will have been paid out if you have already done this. PayPal email addresses can only be amended or edited on 1st September 2024, when all PayPal emails will be deleted. To set up a PayPal account, it is free and easy: follow the link HERE.



Hugo App Updates


Want to compete against your friends and neighbours to see who can reduce the most CO2 each month?  We will be launching a Hugo user CO2 league in July. You can create your own league and invite friends and family to see who the best energy saver is.

Hugo Pro Updates


What is happening in Hugo Pro? Here is a list of some of the new features out in July:


  1. Smart Meter Alerts: if your energy usage or smart meter data shows an abnormal reading, we will send you an alert. Either your smart meter is faulty, or something is happening with your energy usage that needs resolving.
  2. GivEnergy products go live. In July, we will launch our integrations with the popular GivEnergy Inverters, Batteries, and EV Chargers.
  3. The launch of our Tariff AI feature. Want to know the best tariff for you and your lifestyle?  Well, Tariff AI will do that and much more… our Tariff AI blog HERE.
  4. By August, the Hugo Pro App will be released to the App Stores, so you can also get the Hugo Pro experience on your mobile device.  Currently, Hugo Pro is best viewed on Desktops and Tablets, and sign-up is online via the website button below:

Currently, Hugo Pro is £19.99, but as we launch these new features, we will increase the annual subscription to reflect the value and savings Hugo Pro provides. However, as a loyal Hugo App user and for being an early Hugo Pro adopter, we will lock in your annual subscription for three years!