A software designer from Bromley has created an energy saving app which helps users control how much energy they’re using.

Ben Dhesi began his experience in software designing 16 years ago, when he started a business named Pulse Business Energy and sold energy contracts to other big companies.

After growing the well-sought business, the now 46-year-old sold Pulse onto other providers.

He soon found himself bored, and after seeing smart meters advertised on the TV more than five years ago, Ben came up with his new business venture – called Hugo.

Hugo provides data of electricity and gas usage to enable houseowners to spot unnecessary energy consumption.

Ben told the News Shopper: “When I saw the metre boxes I thought ‘those are pretty naff’.

“I thought it would be a better idea to build an app to show how much energy you’re using through your mobile phone instead.

“I then realised the government wasn’t going to do that, and I figured I’ve done something like this before, so why not try to build it myself.

“Today, I have 25,000 users and people love it – especially during the current climate.”





Hugo helps users get an in-depth understanding of energy usage, on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis – straight from a mobile phone device.

Ben explained: “Let’s say you want to spend £5 a day on energy – you can set the budget on your phone and the app will alert you to tell you if you’re on track or overspending.

“People are finding it really helpful because, firstly, the app tells you where exactly the money is being spent, so you can find ways to improve your spending.

“Secondly, it helps them stick to a budget – we’ve created a section on the app full of ‘energy saving tips’ which users can get involved and share the best ways to save money.”