As the Autumn announcement for the energy price cap landed, so did our concern that we won’t be able to make our bills again this winter. Whilst, of course, it is better than last winter…it’s not quite enough of a cap to give us full peace of mind.



And although this current late-heatwave might mean heating bills are a bit out of mind, we do still need to be thinking about how to survive the colder months, how to stay warm and how to pay those bills.



Well fear not. We are back with a round-up of fully up to date information on how to stay on top of energy prices this autumn/winter.



Want to keep on top of your energy bills this winter? Then we recommend the free Hugo Energy App.



Hugo is your personal energy assistant. It shows you your daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly energy costs by linking to your smart meter. With Hugo you can set budget targets and find the cheapest energy deals.



Hugo is full of other great features like its Cost Calculator, which allows you to generate a bill for any period to check against your supplier’s energy bill. During the winter they’ll also be running a winter cashback scheme where you get paid to power down.


Go to and download Hugo for free! (Smart Meter required).