Starts Monday 21st November


You may be aware that we have a new ‘Winter Cashback’ feature in HUGO.


This post explains how it works. This winter, the National Electricity Grid wants to assess how effective consumers can be at turning down their usage in a selected time window.


So, they will be creating a series of ‘Demand Events’ over the winter where they will pay around £3 per kWh if you can save against your average usage in that event period.   This scheme is being run by a number of providers and HUGO is proud to be one of those selected.   A list of providers can be found here


Unlike other providers, HUGO will manage this all via the HUGO APP.  You will be able to participate using the ‘Winter Cashback’ button in the app settings. You will also be able to see how much you earned in each Demand Event in HUGO.


So there is no need to keep your own records.


Here are the keys facts on how it will work:


Participation in the scheme is managed through the button in SETTINGS > WINTER CASHBACK

There are 2 Winter Cashback buttons.  One called Registration and one called Event.   You must register by turning on the Registration button to participate in an Event.

The Registration button is usually always activated so that you can register at any time.   When an Event is live you cannot register and the Registration button is deactivated.

  1. The day before each event, we will send you an email notification and message via HUGO
  2. The Winter Cashback Event button in HUGO will be locked until you receive a notification/message about the Demand Event. The toggle will then be unlocked so you can opt in. You must turn on the button before the Event starts to be able to participate.
  3. When a Event starts the opt-in window closes, and the Winter Cashback Event button becomes disabled again until the next event.  Once the Event closes the Registartion button is then opened again.  
  4. The Grid will pay HUGO around £3 per kWh. We will pass on 80% of this payment to you, keeping 20% for administration expenses.
  5. Details of the £-per-event and a running total of how much you’ve earned will be kept in the HUGO CO2 section. At the end of winter, we will pay out this money earned.
  6. Please note that the scheme is also being run by Octopus and other operators who have access to your smart meter. With every provider, you need to opt in per event. Some opt-ins require email registration – HUGO does not, as this is done via the app. If you opt into multiple providers, you risk being excluded from the event.
  7. If you have registered with another provider you risk disqualification.   So only join the Hugo Winter Cashback scheme if you know you have not registered elsewhere.
  8. Please also make sure you have HUGO notifications turned on in your phone settings to avoid missing any Winter Cashback alerts.


We hope you can help us by taking part and making the Winter Cashback scheme a success. We feel it is a great opportunity to show the benefits of smart meter data on mobile phone apps.


Most importantly please remember that there is no obligation to take part and there are no penalties if you take part or don’t take part.    Above everything else the most important thing is to stay warm and don’t do anything that makes this scheme a risk to your health and wellbeing.    


We know that similar schemes are being run by other suppliers and providers.  So, it can be confusing in deciding who to work with.   Looking at the options we’ve created a quick table of what HUGO’s Winter Cashback scheme offers, so you can make a comparison.




Provider Supplier Independent 25 % minimum saving eligibility £ Cash Payout Opt-in sign-up through app % Saving passed on the £3 per kWh
HUGO        YES       YES        YES         YES 80% – cash payout to your account


We think we are the only provider managing the service via an APP.    Which makes participation super convenient.


Our threshold for payment is 25% reduction, most other providers are asking for 40% before you become eligible for payment.


We are supplier independent, so you can be with any supplier.


We are also splitting the cashback 80% (customer) and keeping 20% which again is super competitive.  And we will allow you to receive cash payouts, which other providers will not.


Remember you can use HUGO for one event and then someone else for another event.  But we hope you can support us as much as possible, as it will really help keep HUGO viable and free.


In our FAQs, we have some tips on what devices might have the most impact on reducing your demand and further information about the scheme.