We didn’t have a cashback event last week, so you haven’t missed out yet.


Re-reading our last newsletter, we think our messaging around the Winter Cashback scheme was a tad detailed and perhaps confusing.  In this email we want to clear things up:


  1. Make sure you’re using v.10 of HUGO, available now as a mandatory download when you next open the app.
  2. The Winter Cashback button will be disabled in v.10.
  3. We will send out an SMS, App notification, and email up to 24 hours before a Winter Cashback event starts.
  4. When you get this, the Winter Cashback button in Settings will be active so that you can enable it and OPT-IN before the event starts.
  5. Once the event starts the Winter Cashback button is disabled again until the next event.


We do hope we have made the Winter Cashback scheme as competitive and user-friendly as possible.   Here are some key points to note:


  • If you participate in the HUGO Winter Cashback scheme and also subscribe to another scheme, HUGO sadly won’t receive any payment for your meter under our terms and conditions with the Grid, and therefore we cannot pass the savings onto you.
  • Only one electricity meter per household will get paid.  So, if two people from one household OPT IN, we can’t pay twice.
  • Only users who downloaded HUGO by midnight Wednesday 23rd November 2022 will be eligible if there is an event next week, even if you OPT IN.
  • If you downloaded HUGO after this date you will be eligible from the week commencing 5th December 2022.


Summary of HUGO’s Winter Cashback scheme


  • You can be with any supplier
  • A reduction by 25% usage versus your average usage becomes eligible for a payment
  • Cash payment option (at the end of the scheme)
  • Opt-In via the app
  • 80% of cashback passed to HUGO users


In other news:

  • Since the release of the new COST CALCULATOR please delete any duplicate tariffs that overlap, as this can impact the data throughout the app.
  • Please review our Guide to the BUDGET section to help you get the best from HUGO.
  • In both the USAGE and BUDGET sections, you can switch between kWh and £ view (using the toggle in the top left-hand corner).
  • Currently, we are only sending weekly budget notifications for budgets set in £ and not kWh to avoid users getting multiple notifications.


And finally, if you’re interested in the story behind HUGO, you can listen to an interview with one of the humans who helped bring HUGO to earth in Episode 154 of the Net Hero Podcast