So the smart meter network is supported by signals going from the smart meter to a central database managed by the Smart DCC.   The signals go via GMS (the same data used for text messages).   Vodafone and Telefonica own the contracts from the DCC to send these messages.


Vodafone, allegedly we are told, upgraded their network settings which have caused a failure on the system which has resulted in this unprecedented level of failure to connect to the Triallant smart meters (which account for 20% of the smart meter estate). These failure messages are x100 larger than failure messages from other meters which caused the denial of service for the rest of the network.


Initially, everyone denied the issue and it took days to even accept something was amiss.


The meters that really didn’t like the update are the original British Gas SMETS1 group installed initially between 2011-15, we understand the fix for these meters will carry on until next week.


Anyway, that’s the story.