Hi, my name is Ben Dhesi, I’m one of the Founders of HUGO.   I started life as a solicitor and then decided I wanted to be an entrepreneur – which lets face it, is far more exciting.   So I started an energy consultancy in 2009 which got the best energy deals for businesses.  The industry back then , and sadly still,  has plenty of cowboys looking to do deals for themselves rather than provide a great service for the client.  This was short sighted and I created a business based on the principles of providing a professional service, best advice and getting the best deal for the client – even if it meant less commission for me.   This model I think was hugely successful for me and led to numerous awards including Energy Buyer of the Year at the Energy Awards in 2015 and 2017 and Energy Technology Innovation of the Year 2016.  These principles were recognised when I sold Pulse Business Energy Ltd (www.pulsebusinessenergy.co.uk)  in 2018.


Upon selling Pulse I embarked on a new journey – HUGO.  The aim was to use smart meter technology to actually provide the client with a useful product in the form of an APP – through which they could engage and manage their household energy usage.  So one aspect of the service I researched was AUTO SWITCHING.   Without boring you I quickly realised the only parties AUTO SWITCHING benefited was the incoming supplier and the Auto Switcher.   Say you have 100 suppliers, Auto Switchers can only go to maybe 5 or less because most suppliers reject them.   Secondly those suppliers are the ones prepared to pay big commissions to the the Auto Switcher and finally those suppliers are probably not offering great deals but are simply the best of a small pack of suppliers desperate to grab some quick new business.


So when setting up HUGO it was an easy decision to REJECT auto switching because:


  1. The customer outcome is poor;
  2. The customer outcome is poor;
  3. Ditto;
  4. Repeat the above infinitely;


So the HUGO ENERGY APP will never auto switch you.   Yes you can switch via HUGO (when wholesale prices come back down)  but you can see all the tariffs available in the market via HUGO and we don’t pressure you to switch, we just want to give you all the right info so YOU can make the best possible decision and have the easiest switching experience possible.  If we can do that, we think success will follow in the long term.