Thank you for reporting the recent bugs and issues with our Octopus Integrations.


We have made a lot of progress with integrating your Octopus tariffs over the past week.


We are now able to integrate almost all tariffs directly from your API Key and do not require you to turn on the Octopus Agile toggle button yourself if you’re an Agile user.  The Agile button is now redundant whether you’re toggled On or Off.


We will remove it in the next update.


However, if you are on certain dynamic tariffs like Octopus Intelligent Go and get a cheap rate without notice we do not have a way of linking these cheap rates to your tariffs without allowing you to enable a manual intervention. This is something we will be launching in Hugo Pro first as Hugo Pro allows us to be more dynamic with changes/updates. Once this is working in Hugo Pro we can look to see if this can be released in the APP.


Have you tried Pro yet?  Read about Hugo Pro here