As summer approaches in the UK, here are the key steps we can take to reduce our energy usage when it comes to lighting.



  • Make a pact with yourself not to use any internal home lights during the day.  Use natural light: Open your curtains and blinds during the day.



  • Unplug socket light appliances that are plugged in as they continue using energy even when turned off.



  • Use this as an opportunity to audit all your lights and switch anything over to energy-efficient light bulbs.  In particular, replace your incandescent light bulbs. Energy-efficient bulbs use up to 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs.



  • Sit down with the whole family and explain the importance of turning off lights when leaving a room.  It should not be one person’s responsibility!



  • Consider turning off any bathroom wall fans linked to light sockets, as these will be less needed in summer and can use up lots of electricity, especially if the bathroom lights are left on.



  • Consider dimming switches.  Dimming switches can help you reduce energy and give you the brightness you need.



  • Task lighting; What is this?  So if you’re in a room working at a desk, light the desk instead of the room.



Over the next few weeks, we will launch more summer-saving blogs on heating, cooking, and appliance management.