Heated clothes airers have become a handy device to have in the home, especially during the colder months when it’s too cold to hang up the washing outside.



They are also ideal for anyone looking to cut back on their electricity, as many of them claim to cost just pennies to run. Due to their popularity, there are so many makes and models on the market right now.



One top-rated model is Dunelm’s Heated Airer With Wings, which has currently managed to amass nearly 200 five-star reviews from impressed shoppers, with some of them saying that it also keeps the room warm without the heating on.



Priced at £40, the home retailer’s heated clothes airer is one of the cheaper winged models you can get right now. Argos stocks a similar model for £60, while Very’s winged clothes airer costs £55.



Suitable for up to 10kg of washing across a large 12m space, Dunelm also claims that its 220W heated clothes airer costs just 7p an hour to run, based on the July 2023 Price Guarantee. That makes it much cheaper than some models of tumble dryers that can cost an average of £1.76, according to the Hugo Energy App.



Shoppers who have previously purchased Dunelm’s Heated Airer With Wings have left it glowing reviews, with many hailing it as being “cost effective” on electricity usage.

One five-star review read: “I ordered the electric airer for my daughter who lives in a flat without a garden or a drying space. I managed to get one ordered and delivered within 24hrs.



“Its brilliant cost effective , does the job well and heats the apartment at the same time! Whats not to love!! My daughter is very happy no more damp smelling or wet clothes hanging around for days . Highly recommended.”


A second penned: “Absolutely fabulous, easy to set up and heats nicely, don’t overload it is my only advice. We use it alongside our standard airer and both dry quick because of the heat off this one. And bonus is the room is warm too!”


A third gushed: “Excellent value for money and savings on electricity bills! We leave it on all the time 24/7 it heats our spare room when there’s no washing on it! At 7p an hour a brilliant buy!!!!”



A few three star reviews do mention that the Heated Airer With Wings does take a little while to fully dry laundry. One of the reviews read: “Not as good as I thought it would be takes a lot of hours/days sometimes to dry clothes and I have a cover too.”